TTC Timeline

February/March 2012: BCP get thrown out and TTC begins.  As the months go on, efforts get more serious, adding in symptom tracking and eventually moving to OPKs.  My cycle appears normal, but still we are having no luck.

Summer 2013: After over a year with no success, Goose asks for an SA at his annual check-up, with poor results.  MFI, with my side still unknown.  Referred to an RE.

September 2013: First appointment with RE.  Options are discussed.  Due to very poor SA, IVF is recommended.

October 2013: Goose has a bunch of tests to verify there is not an underlying cause for the poor SA.  Everything normal.   Upon additional SAs, Goose’s numbers are better.

November 2013: Discuss IUI options, because of higher numbers.  Decide to try.  I have some tests, and everything appears normal for me.

December 2013:  IUI #1.  SA just barely over over requirements.  BFN

January 2014: Attempt made at another IUI, but SA is under requirements.  Make decision to pursue IVF (with one more attempt at IUI while we wait for a new cycle to start the IVF process)

February 2014: IUI #2.  SA significantly better than last time, but still BFN.

IVF Cycle # 1 – Retrieval and Fresh Transfer Cycle

– 2/28/14: Cycle Starts
– 3/20/14: First of many appointments
– 3/24/14: Start Stimulation
– 4/2/14: Egg retrieval (12 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized)
– 4/7/14: Transfer the best quality embryo (4AA) and have the remaining 3 (4AB, 4AB, 3AB) frozen
– 4/19/14: Beta test – BFN

IVF Cycle # 2 – Medicated FET v1.1

– 5/18/14: Cycle Day 1
– 5/28/14: Start Lupron
– 6/6/14: Appt. to check Estradiol levels
– 6/7/14: Start Estrogen Patches (2 patches, changed every 72 hours)
– 6/19/14: Appt. to check lining and Progesterone levels
– 6/20/14: Light bleeding starts, increase estrogen to 3 patches in attempt to control/stop
– 6/21/14: Bleeding increases to full flow, cycle cancelled
– 6/27/14: What was our scheduled transfer day is now just another Friday

IVF Cycle #3 – Medicated FET v1.2

– 7/22/14: Cycle Day 1
– 8/5/14: Start Lupron
– 8/14/14: Appt. to check Estradiol
– 8/15/14: Start Estrogen (3 patches this time)
– 8/19/14: Reach out to nursing staff to discuss that fact that I have been spotting since the 2nd week or so of my cycle, and never got a full withdrawal bleed after stopping BCP
– 8/21/14: Full flow bleeding finally starts, but now it’s less than 3 weeks to transfer.  Cycle cancelled.  Again.
– 9/8/14: What would have been transfer day is now a scheduled follow up appointment to discuss a new plan for the next cycle.

IVF Cycle #4 – Natural FET v1.1

– 9/22/14: CD1
– 10/5/14: Start OPKs
– 10/20/14: Still no positive surge on CD19, trip to the RE confirms that I did not ovulate, cycle cancelled

IVF Cycle #5 – Natural(ish) FET v1.2

– 10/17/14: Start Provera
– 10/24/14: CD1
– 10/26/14-10/30/14: On Femara
– 11/7/14: Start OPKs
– 11/11/14: Still no positive surge, but trip to RE this time confirms that everything looks good and we are moving ahead
– 11/12/14: Start Progesterone
– 11/17/14: Transfer
– 11/26/14: positive HPT
– 11/29/14: Beta #1 = 744
– 12/1/14: Beta #2 = 2239
– 12/15/14: 1st ultrasound, heartbeat = 140
– 7/30/15: Baby Wolfgang arrives!


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