There’s a time for everything.

The last time I wrote to you, Wolfie and I were embarking on some major changes to our everyday routines.

So far, everything is going really quite well.

Night weaning was so much easier than I ever thought it was going to be.  He was ready.  We went through two, maybe three, nights of him getting upset when told him mama milk had gone night-night and taking a minute or two to calm down and go back to sleep.  Then there were a few nights of him still asking, but when I reminder him there was no mama milk until morning, he’d lay right back down and go to sleep.  Now he pretty much doesn’t even ask until after 4-5 am.  When he starts getting restless around that time it gets harder to tell him no.  He’ll lay back down relatively easily, but is tossing and turning and asking again a few minutes later.  Most of the time, I give in and let him have it, because the only other choice is getting up at that point.

Sleeping transitions are going pretty well also.  The last couple weeks has seen several combinations of him coming to bed with us, me sleeping in bed with him, him sleeping in bed while I sleep on the floor of his room, and me sleeping on the couch.  Last night was the first night I left him in his room and went upstairs to sleep in my own bed, after telling him that if he needs mama in the night that he can come upstairs and get into bed with me.

I was worried that he’d get confused or upset if he woke in the night and didn’t remember/understand to go upstairs. I was also pretty sure they he’d end up in bed with me by midnight or so.  Neither of these things happened.  He slept soundly until sometime after 4am, when I felt a little tap on my toes and pulled him into bed with me.  (We’ll ignore the time around 10:30 when I heard something downstairs, and with my sleepy and un-glassesed eyes, didn’t see him on the monitor.  Since he wasn’t upstairs, I was sure he was wandering around the house alone and afraid.  Only to run downstairs in panic to find his door still closed and him sleeping just fine.)

I thought this was going to be a lot more difficult, at least emotionally.  But everything has fallen into place and felt completely right as we’ve been doing it.  6 months ago, the idea of my baby no longer sleeping in bed with me sent me into so many tears.  But, as with many things I have experienced in parenthood, the anticipation of the thing is often way hard than the actual thing.  When the time is right and everyone is ready, it’s not usually as hard as you think it’s going to be.

The other transition we’ve been going through has not gone quite as smoothly.  Two weeks ago, Wolfie moved up into the two-year-old room at school.  We went through some major challenges the first week.  Long story short, he was initially put into a new room without a single one of the other kids from his old room in there with him.  All 7 of his friends were together in a class and he was alone in a whole new class with all new kids.

After a few days and lots of tears (many of them mine), he was moved into the class with all of his other friends.  But I think the whole thing made what was already going to be a difficult transition even worse.  I can tell he’s happy to be with his friends, but he really misses his old teachers and is still trying to adjust to the change.

My kid used to be the easiest kid in the world at drop off.  Sit him down with a snack, give him a hug goodbye, blow him a kiss at the door, and I’m out.  In the year and 9 months he’d been in daycare, he’d cried maybe 2-3 times at dropoff.

He’s cried 3-4 times in the last two weeks.  It’s getting easier each day, but he’s still being very clingy and not wanting me to leave.  Most of the time I have to sneak away when he’s distracted.  I hate doing that.

Today I got lucky that his old teacher happened to be in the room when we got there (she’s usually not in that early), so he was perfectly happy to have her sit with him and give me hugs and kisses goodbye.  The impression I got is that she’ll be in early all week to cover for someone, so maybe this will inadvertently help get us back into our normal goodbye routines.

It makes me so sad that he misses his teacher.  He saw her last week at an open house there, and he immediately wanted to go with her and didn’t want her to leave him.  Breaking my heart over here!  I have no idea what I’m going to do when he goes to preschool and will once again be in a room by himself with all new people, but this time without the option of going back.  *crumples to the floor in a heap and sobs*  Hopefully it’ll be another one of those things that is not as hard as the anticipation.


One response to “There’s a time for everything.

  1. Ugh, we just did a room change a few months ago too and it SUUUUCKED. She’s better now, and they did move one of her little buddies into the room with her as well so it helped some. Next up taking the side off her crib, and potty training :S Eep!

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